Outing Class to National Museum and Library.

On Wednesday, 31 August 2022, Al-Zahra Indonesia Junior High School Students (7,8, and 9 grade) and teachers had an outing class program to National Museum and Library. Here is Alzind JHS wonderful trip!

The students and teachers arrived at 08.30 in the first place which is national museum. The students were divided into several groups which have a guide in each. The students explored all around museum. It’s very amazing. Many prehistoric and anthropological artifacts, and archeological artifacts from all over Indonesia and Asia. Here, the students didn’t forget to finish their worksheet! They had to describe the national museum.

Next destination is National Library which has a unique building. The students gathered in Auditorium to have an explanation about the National Library. Next, they  were divided into 3 groups. 7 grade went to the 7th floor which is kids collection. 8 grade went to 22nd floor which is monograf collection. 9 grade went to the top of the building. It’s 24th floor which is culture collection. From this floor, the students can see the national monument! It’s very nice view, enjoying the book and view at the same time! On every floor, the students had to read a book they chose and completed the worksheet. After that, they all did dzuhur prayer and enjoyed the lunch together at the lobby.

Visiting the National Museum and Library aim to explore the historical place and strenghten the literacy program in Al-Zahra Indonesia Junior High School. Learn histories, read stories, and make memories!

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