The eight grade students go to Pare “Reaching the world through English and blending culture through community”
First day, Monday 10th March 2019.
At 1 pm we gathered at Al-kautsar parking area to have an opening ceremony attended by head of education – Ms Ninik, Principal – Mr. Hadi, Vice principal – Mr. Fatah, the teachers and students. We had a pledge, prayed before going, and took a photo after that. We took a bus to Gambir station at 2 p.m. We arrived there at 3 p.m then took a rest while we were waiting for our train.
We took a train at 5.45 p.m to Kediri station. At the train, we were having fun. We had convos with friends, played games, and so on then we arrived at Kediri on Monday, 6 a.m.
We took a bus to go to our camp and arrived there at 7.30 a.m. Our camp is at Bale Seto Kemuning or we usually call it BSK. We got in our own bed room, had a breakfast and took a rest till we have dzuhur prayer.
At 1 p.m after having lunch, we went to Elfast English Course from our camp by foot. It’s not too far so we arent tired. There, we had an opening ceremony first attended By Ms. Yuni as the holiday coordinator from Elfast, the tutors – Ms. Kai, Ms. Ayu, Ms. Sofie, Ms. Jamilah and Mr. Jo -, the teachers and the students.
After that we went to the camp again to have a rest till doing ashar prayer. After ashar, we went to Elfast to have placement test in order to classify the students based on their level. The method of the test was fun and unique so the students werent bored to take it. Then at 5 p.m we came back to the camp for taking shower, dinner, doing maghrib and isya prayer. After that we got a briefing from the tutors. They informed the rules at the camp and elfast. The first, we can’t jump on the bed, scream loudly, and speak bahasa. If we speak bahasa, the consequents are we need to memorize 50 vocabularies, deliver the sudden speech, and pay the fine 500 rupiah for 1 word. These punishments are to create an english environment. After that the students had a time to take a rest and use their mobiles till 10 p.m. Then the students went to sleep and they still have 5 days more here to learn English at Elfast.

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