Al Zahra Curriculum

What is curriculum? It is broadly defined as the totality of student experiences that occur in the educational process.
Al-Zahra Indonesia integrates the National Currriculum with the best of Al-Zahra Indonesia curriculum. We supports and encourages all the students to improve their academic skills and talents. Islamic Religious is the main curriculum we apply in all units of kindergarten, primary and junior high school with different steps and methods of teaching.
For Kindergarten we apply the centra method. We prepare spesific class for example religion class, role play class, preparation class, playing block class, art class, and language art class. The purpose of the method is to develop all children’s abilities through fun learning activities and will make children receive knowledge in a fun, easy and understandable way.
Al-Zahra Indonesia Primary School improve the applicative religion program, English communicative skill, and competitive academic.
Junior High School focuses at Character building activities, with moving class system. The students improves High Order Thinking Skill.
Join al-Zahra Indonesia and enjoy fun learning method.

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